The big door knock is coming soon

  • 1st September 2023

  • Customers

This September we are hitting the streets and going door-to-door to listen to your views and hear how you are getting on in your home and the area where you live.

The Customer Voice Team will be chatting to customers in our blocks throughout the month, starting at Humphries House on 4 September. They’ll be talking to you about how you can become a member of the Customer Voice Network and get your voice heard

As part of the Big Door Knock, you’ll have the chance to hear from us, but more importantly, tell us what matters most to you.  You can also find out about the support we can offer and how you can get any extra help you might need.

If we knock on your door, we’d really appreciate you taking a few minutes to chat to us.

If you miss us, you can find out more about how to get involved here

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