Board and committees

The group and its subsidiaries are overseen by a number of boards and committees. They set the strategic direction and provide challenge and scrutiny.

Governance of whg

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Audit and Assurance Committee
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Governance and Remuneration Committee
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Customer Experience Committee
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Development Committee

Board and committee membership explained

Board and committee membership is for a fixed term and we operate in accordance with the requirements contained in the National Housing Federation Code of Governance.

to request our register of Board and
Committee Member Declarations of Interest.

Members of the Audit and Assurance Committee

Guy Weston (Chair)
Julie Jones
Mark Pinnell
Ros Freeman
Winston Weir

Members of the Customer Experience Committee

Natalia Hill (Chair)
Craig Royall
Daren Fradgley
Nichola Finlayson

Members of the Governance and Remuneration Committee

Lizzie Downes (Chair)
Ian Shapiro
Jennifer Ord
Shaista Ali

Members of the Development Committee

Akshay Parikh (Chair)
Clive Eccleston
Guy Weston
Paul O’Driscoll
Stuart Nicholls
Timothy Hill

Members of whg Trading Company and Anthem Homes Boards

Greg Warner-Harris (Chair)
Gary Fulford
Stuart Nicholls
Clive Eccleston
Rebecca Bennett Casserly

Members of whg Developments and whg Treasury Boards

Gary Fulford (Chair)
Rob Gilham
Sangita Surridge

Members of Cricket Close LLP

Gary Fulford
Rebecca Bennett Casserly
Sangita Surridge
Dawn Hendon

Members of Anthem Lovell LLP

Rebecca Bennett Casserly
Gary Fulford
Stuart Penn
David Gough

Members of the Woodlands Management Company (Harrowby) Limited

Adam Wagner
Gary Brookes
Walsall Housing Group Limited – trading as whg

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Charity no: 1108779
Registered Provider no: L4389

Private Company Limited by Guarantee

Registered Charity
Registered Provider with the Regulator of Social Housing

Provide housing, accommodation and associated facilities and amenities