Rent a home

We are a leading provider of affordable homes across the Midlands. Our is aim to match you with a home that suits your needs.

Affordable homes

To apply for an affordable home you need to check your eligibility. It takes just a minute through our choose & move service.

Homes for over 55s

Our wellbeing homes are dedicated developments designed to help you live life to the full for longer, with access to extra support should you need it. To find out more, sign in or sign up with choose & move

Homeless or at risk of homelessness?

Your local authority offers support and help whether you’re homeless or worried about becoming homeless. The support may vary depending on your current circumstances and can range from advice to qualifying for a home.

Please contact your local council to discuss what options may be available to you.

Market rent

You may see some of our homes available for market rent on sites like Rightmove or Zoopla. If you are interested please apply through the site as advertised.

Buying a home could be more affordable than you think

Shared ownership is an ideal way for first-time buyers to purchase a share in a new property.


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Before I can move into a whg home, what documents do I need to send and how?
Before we can offer you a home, we will need some documents from you. We will tell you what you need to provide and you can upload them by computer or via ‘documents’ on your mobile phone. Examples are:
  • Photo ID such as a driving licence
  • For any children living with you, proof you are in receipt of Child Benefit, their passport or birth certificate
  • Proof of right to rent
  • Evidence from a medical specialist to support any health conditions on your application. We may ask for further documents, depending on the household circumstances.
We encourage applicants to provide/upload documents as soon as possible so it does not delay an offer of a home. We will tell you in the ‘documents’ section whether your documents have been approved or rejected.
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Can I change my mind about a home I have applied for?
Yes. You can apply for as many homes as you like and withdraw your application while applications are being reviewed. We recommend you research the area that the home is in to ensure it is suitable for your household as, if you are shortlisted and refuse the property, this may affect your future applications.
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Do I need home contents insurance if I rent a whg home?
We are not responsible for any belongings in your home. You need to ensure you have home contents insurance to protect you in case of fire, flood, theft, vandalism or burst pipes. We advise taking out cover through the Home Contents Insurance scheme we offer to all customers, or you can arrange cover yourself with another insurance provider.
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Can I make changes to my details on choose & move?
Yes. You can make changes to your details, including contact information, in your Myhub account by clicking on ‘main applicant/my details’. If the changes are about your circumstances, such as adding a household member or information that could influence the type of home you need, click on ‘circumstances’. Remember that changing your circumstances could affect what band you are in and, if so, you may be given a new band award date.
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How long will I be waiting for a whg home?
Demand for our homes is high, so it is unlikely you will move into a new home straightaway. If you have a critical need, you may move quicker than others. Waiting times also depend on which band you are in and what type of home you are looking for. For more information, read ‘What is a band?’
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How long will it take me to sign up to choose & move?
The service is simple and quick to use, so it should only take around 15 minutes to complete your application and be placed on the waiting list for a home. We will need some documents from you before you can be offered a home, but you will be put on the waiting list as soon as you complete your application.
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How do I know that my application for a home will be treated fairly?
choose & move, which has been designed in line with our Allocations Policy, automatically allocates you a band related to your circumstances. Unless a home is fast-tracked, properties are generally offered to those who have been waiting the longest within their band. Sometimes properties are not advertised on choose & move but offered directly to applicants. This may be if they have a very specific housing need, their move is critical due to their circumstances or the home has been allocated to the local authority to place someone in it. We advertise homes to different bands to ensure we meet the housing needs of people in a wide range of circumstances. To ensure you are offered a home when you are at the top of the shortlist, please give accurate information and supply the correct documents to confirm your circumstances.