Swap your home

If you rent a home with us and would like to move, the quickest and easiest way is to swap your home with someone else. This is called a mutual exchange.

About mutual exchange

A mutual exchange is when you swap your rented home with someone else who lives in a house owned by a council or housing association. It can be the fastest and easiest way to find a property better suited to your needs if you are not in urgent need of housing and means you will not have to wait for months, or even years, on a housing list.

The benefits of mutual exchange

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A great alternative if you can’t access or don’t want to wait on a housing list
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Gives you control of the process
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You can choose the home that suits you
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The option to move where you want, locally or nationally

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We have signed up to the nationwide mutual exchange scheme HomeSwapper, which means our customers can use the service for free. HomeSwapper will help you search for possible swaps, get in touch with other tenants and arrange viewings until you find the perfect new home. It’s an easy-to-use service, with a free app to download and lots of help and support.

How to swap your home

1) Register for HomeSwapper and start looking for homes you might like.
2) When you’ve found a possible swap, fix a date to visit and see if it’s right for you.
3) Confirm your swap.
4) Once you find a swap you must seek our permission. To do this, complete our mutual exchange form. We will let you know within 42 days whether we will approve your application.
5) Move into your new home!

Info Icon Don’t do anything until you get our agreement in writing and an agreed move or exchange date has been set by both landlords. Swapping without our permission could put your tenancy at risk.


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What is a mutual exchange?
A mutual exchange is a home swap between two social housing tenants. It can happen for many reasons, such as needing more (or less) space, moving for work or to be closer to family. It’s a great option for customers who can’t access or don’t want to wait for the normal allocation process. It gives you more control and means you’re able to choose a home that suits your needs better in a place you want to live.
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Why should I use HomeSwapper?
We have a huge demand for properties. Finding a swap through HomeSwapper means you won’t have to wait months on a housing waiting list and you will get to choose the home you want for yourself. Once you find someone to swap with, we will approve your request within 42 days.
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How do I join HomeSwapper?
Go to the HomeSwapper website and click Register in the top right hand corner. Then follow the simple steps to complete your registration. The service is completely free for whg customers, although we will need to approve your application before you have full access. If you can fill in as much information as possible about your home and the home you are looking for, the system will be able to match you with your ideal properties automatically.
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Can I swap my home?
You need to have a secure or assured tenancy to have the right to a mutual exchange. You also need to ensure that:
  • You aren’t in debt with your rent
  • The other person’s landlord is happy for the exchange to happen
  • You aren’t moving to a property where you will be overcrowded or have more space than you need
  • You get our permission in writing and there is no ongoing legal action relating to your tenancy (eg) a Possession Order or injunction
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Do I have to pay for HomeSwapper?
No. Joining HomeSwapper is free for whg customers.
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Do I have to swap in my local area?
No. You can swap homes with any other council or housing association tenant that lives anywhere in the UK.
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Do I need permission to swap my home?
Yes. You must have permission from us before you move.
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How long does a home swap take?
Once you have found someone you want to swap with and filled in your mutual exchange form, we have a maximum of 42 days to tell you whether your application has been approved or refused.
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I need to move urgently. Can I exchange and then get permission?
No. It is important that you wait until you have signed for your new property before you move in. If you move in before this you will be classed as illegally occupying and could risk losing your home.
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What if my new home is not in a good condition?
It is your responsibility to inspect the property thoroughly before you agree to move. You should agree with your exchange partner how they will be leaving the property and who is responsible for any outstanding repairs or rubbish.
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Who can I swap my home with?
You can swap your home with:
  • A whg customer
  • A customer of another registered social landlord (usually a housing association)
  • Someone who lives in a council-owned and managed home.
It’s important to remember that you won’t be able to swap with a private housing tenant – both homes need to be social housing properties.
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What can I do if I’m struggling to use HomeSwapper?
There are lots of useful guides on the HomeSwapper website. If you need help you can email the helpdesk at tenants@homeswapper.co.uk