Our skilled repairs team is dedicated to keeping your home in good condition. We carry out a range of repairs, from electrical work to heating issues.

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Emergency repairs

Your repair is classed as an emergency if the problem presents an immediate risk to safety, security or health.

To report an emergency repair call us on

0300 555 6666

If it’s not an emergency let us know by reporting it online.

Looking after your home

It’s important to remember that not all repairs are our responsibility. Before reporting your repair, check our repairs guide.

Annual servicing

We carry out annual gas safety and regular electrical checks in all our homes. Not only does this help to keep you and your family safe, but it’s a legal requirement.

We will write to you ahead of time and aim to work around your schedule. When you get the letter, contact us to book the appointment as soon as you can.

What to do if you smell gas

Get out of your home, calmly warn your neighbours. Call the free 24-hour national gas emergency service on 0800 111 999 (but make sure you are well away from the leak before using your mobile phone).


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Can I redecorate or make alterations to my home?
You can redecorate your home and carry out certain improvement work on it, but you need to check with us first before you make any changes. Examples of what we will and won’t give permission for can be found in our repairs policy. Find answers to more questions like this in our repairs guide.
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What do I do if I find faults in my new-build home?
If you have moved into one of our newly built homes, any faults or problems that need fixing within the first 12 months are known as defects. You need to report any such faults to us, so we can arrange for the developer to put them right.
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What can I do about damp and condensation in my home?
Condensation (which can cause damp and mould) tends to occur in rooms with lots of moisture in the air, such as bathrooms and kitchens. To limit the problem:
  • open windows or switch on extractor fans when bathing, cooking, washing up or doing the laundry
  • dry wet clothes outside or in a room with the window open
  • keep your home heated to a comfortable temperature.
For more advice on reducing condensation, click here.
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What should I do if I think there is a gas leak?
Get out of your home, calmly warn your neighbours and call the free 24-hour national gas emergency number on 0800 111 999 (but make sure you are well away from the leak before using your mobile phone).  
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What are you doing to fix the delay on repairs?
We understand how frustrating it is when appointments are cancelled, especially when you have waited a while or made special arrangements. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time and are pulling out all the stops to improve our service by:
  • doing extra checks on our stores to make sure we have the right materials in stock
  • appointing two new contractors so we can do more repairs each day
  • teams working longer so we can see as many people as possible
  • giving as much notice as possible when appointments need to be rescheduled.