Follow the simple steps below to contact the relevant team

  • Emergency

    If you feel your repair is an emergency - does it affect someones life/health, causing property damage, could start a fire or have an uncontrollable leak - 

    contact our emergency repair team on 0300 555 6666

    Smell gas?

    Turn off the gas supply (if possible) and call us 0300 555 6666 - we will pass your details onto National Grid and attend immediately and will need immediate access to your home  - a whg engineer will also attend - DO NOT turn the gas supply back on until you have been given authorisation to do so.

  • YouTube

    We have a variety of self help videos which could help you fix your repair instead of booking an engineer,

    These include -

    • Blocked plumbing
    • Leaking radiators
    • Reset trip switches

    whg YouTube Account

    If you feel your repair is an emergency please contact us on 0300 555 6666

  • Book a service

    If we have contacted you to book an annual service or an annual gas appointment contact our customer contact centre on - 

    0300 555 6666

    The contact centre is open 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-1pm on Saturdays

  • Book a repair on Facebook

    You can now book or amend a repair on our Facebook messaging app.

    • Simply follow us on Facebook - This is whg
    • Make sure you have your account number to hand
    • Open messenger and start chat - we aim to respond to any message within 4 hours in business hours

     If you have an emergency repair please contact us on -  0300 555 6666

  • My Account

    To view more details on your rent account and previous rent statements please log into 'My Account'

  • Pay Online

    You can make payment online with Allpay - please have your account details to hand.


  • Pay by Phone

    Call us on 0300 555 6666 to make a payment through our Customer Service Centre.

    Please have your payment reference number and your payment card ready.

  • Direct Debit

    Setting up a Direct Debit is easy, convenient and means you won't need to worry about making payments on time in future.


    Direct Debit form
  • Money Advice Service

    If you would like to talk to someone about financial matters, visit the Money Advice Service for impartial advice and guidance:


    Money Advice Service

  • Shared Ownership

    Shared ownership is designed to help people who may be currently renting or looking to set up home who cannot quite afford an outright mortgage to buy their own home.

    You can view more details on whg shared ownership and details on buying your current home by clicking below.

    Buying a home
  • Applying for social housing

    Sadly, we're unable to take applications for social housing directly.

    Please visit Choose 2 Move to apply and bid for social housing.

    Choose & Move

  • Can't find what you're looking for?

    If you can't find the information you need, please get in touch with us at the link below.


    Enquiry Form

  • Homeless applicants

    We have an agreement with Walsall Council to help homeless people.

    If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness in the Walsall Borough area, please contact Walsall Council. They will advise you about securing your current accommodation or making alternative provision. You should register with our choose & move service at the same time.

    You can also read a useful booklet called Homelessness - the facts published by Walsall Council.

  • New Vacancies

    whg is a great place to work, offering great opportunities for people who enjoy being stretched and challenged. Looking after our 30,000 properties and our customers means that no two days are the same. Our teams work closely together to ensure our customers receive a great service and each of their needs are met.

    Our Vacancies page is regularly updated, take a look at the latest jobs.

    New Vacancies
  • Benefits of working for whg

    In June 2015 we were crowned the Best Place to Work in the Express and Star Business Awards, a great achievement!

    In 2014 we scooped the Not for Profit Best Improver Award after entering the Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies list, after colleagues were surveyed on everything from their perceptions of whg and its management, to how their personal growth is supported. We were also awarded the Gold Standard from Investors in People.

    We’re committed to equality and diversity, valuing and respecting people regardless of background, culture or lifestyle.  Read our Equality and Diversity Policy here.

    whg colleagues enjoy a number of benefits, from generous annual leave to on-site occupational health. Click below to find out more.

    Colleague benefits
  • Volunteering

    We deliver Volunteering Works, a programme offering volunteering opportunities to customers.

    Customers on the programme will benefit from:

    • mentoring from our team of Community Champions
    • valuable work experience
    • the opportunity to gain a job-related level two qualification.

    You could be working with whg, one of our community and voluntary sector partners, charities or local businesses. Jobs could include anything from customer service roles to finance.

    The programme is supported by Jobcentre Plus, which means if you are currently claiming benefits you will continue to receive them, even if you take up a voluntary placement.

    If you're interesting in joining the programme please call 0300 555 6666 and ask for Joe Maggs or find more details about working with whg below.

    Volunteering and working with whg
  • The Workplace

    The Workplace is a local community centre where we offer training and career advice for the local community.

    For information and details on how to get involved take a look at the link below.

    The Workplace
  • Money Advice

    Customers can get free, confidential, expert advice on managing their money from our Money Advice Service.

    The team can help with your money worries and will:

    • offer advice on money management and budgeting
    • explain Universal Credit and the impact it may have on you
    • help you sort out any debts and speak to creditors on your behalf
    • make sure you are getting all of the benefits you are entitled to
    • help you set up Direct Debits to pay your bills.

    We're here to help, so don't struggle with your financial worries alone.

    The free service is available in your home or one of our offices, whichever you prefer. Simply call us on 0300 555 6666 to arrange an appointment or complete the form below and we'll be in touch.

    We also have a budget calculator available to help you plan your spending.

    Money Advice
  • Community Champions

    Our Community Champions are here to help you find the support you need to make the most of your life and become the real you!

    As well as being good listeners, they know where you can get help with all sorts of things that can happen in your life and difficulties you may face.

    Community Champions have all been where you are now – but, with a bit of help and hard work, they are now working and making a difference. In a very short time, that could be you! So what are you waiting for?

    Learn more about Community Champions
  • Wellbeing Service

    We all face times when we could do with a little extra help, whether we are facing health problems, money worries or just struggling to cope with daily life.

    If you are feeling isolated or like things are getting on top of you, our Wellbeing Service can provide varying levels of support to help you through.

    Support is tailored to your individual needs but aims to keep you happy, healthy, active and connected with others.

    Click on the link below to find out more about whg well being services.

    Find more informaiton
  • Healthy Lifestyle

    We have a dedicated Health Housing team who work alongside local people to help them lead a healthy and active life.  Whether you need tips on healthy eating, want to talk about health issues or wish to get fit one of our Community Health Champions can help.

    Find out more by clicking the link below.

    Learn more about Healthy Lifestyles
  • Grants and Funding

    If you have a great idea to help your local community or you’re part of a group that needs some financial support, we can help you to obtain a grant or funding. We can also help if you have a personal ambition that needs a financial boost.

    Our funds are:

  • Help to manage your home

    If you’re having difficulty setting up your new home or managing your tenancy, please talk to us. We can help if you are struggling due to age, physical or sensory ability, a learning disability, mental health issue or because of short-term need, for example following a bereavement or accident.

    Click on the link below to find out more.

    Manage your home
  • Media Enquiries

    For all media enquires please contact our Communications team on - 01922 425614 or email -

    Media Enquiries
  • Need to clarify something?

    We have a specialist team who are here to deal with all communications of whg. If you need to clarify something for a news story, get a quote or speak with someone from whg contact the communications team on email

  • Complaints

    whg take all complaints seriously and want to be notified at the earliest opportunity to get it rectified. If you have a complaint about a member of staff either office of tradesmen please email us on

  • Work and property complaints

    If you have recently had someone come to your property to do some work which you are not happy about or think you need an additional visit please contact our customer care team on email -

  • Lets get social

    whg have a variety of social media pages which promote our new properties, news about whg and the local community, jobs and apprenticeships and much more.


    To follow us click on the links below and 'Like/Add' our page - 





    We also have a YouTube channel which has the latest whg self help repair videos, event videos and some videos of our properties and communities. You can follow the account here.

  • Phone Number

    To contact any of our departments, please call 0300 555 6666 and speak with our Customer Contact Centre.