Neighbourhood Services

A home is more than just your property, it’s the area where you live. We’re committed to keeping your area clean and safe and creating communities and neighbourhoods that you can be proud of.

A cleaner and greener neighbourhood

Our dedicated Neighbourhood Services Team support the smooth running of your building and local area. They will work with you to keep your area clean and tackle fly-tipping so that offenders can be prosecuted.

If you live in one of our blocks our team provide you with a regular caretaking service to ensure they are clean and safe.

This service is delivered daily to high rise blocks and a minimum of once a month to low rise blocks.

The caretaking service for customers in blocks includes:

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Keeping the building safe and secure
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Checking and maintaining rubbish chutes
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Reporting incidents of antisocial behaviour
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Tackling fly-tipping on whg land
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Looking after communal areas, fire risk actions and access to meter cupboards
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Monitoring our maintenance contractors

Help us keep your area clean and safe

When people dump their rubbish in the wrong place it makes your neighbourhood dirty and messy. Plus, it attracts mice and rats. We spend more than £300,000 a year clearing up waste and unwanted items dumped on our estates that should have been disposed of properly. That’s money we could have spent providing services and improving communities.

Fly-tipping is classed as an environmental crime and can lead to a fine or imprisonment. You can help us prosecute offenders by reporting any fly-tipping to us. Please also use your council’s bulky waste service or local skips to get rid of your unwanted items.


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What grounds maintenance services can I expect to receive as part of my tenancy?
If you have a communal outdoor space and pay a service charge for grounds maintenance, this will cover fortnightly grass cutting (April to October), monthly maintenance of flower beds with pruning in summer and winter, hard surface maintenance four times a year and leaf clearance from November to March. We will also pick up litter on every visit.
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How often is the communal grass cut?
The schedule for grass cutting is based on 16 cuts between 1 April and 31 October each year. This is usually done every two weeks but can change due to adverse weather.
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Who do I talk to about a problem with parking?
If you have an issue with parking on whg land you can contact us on 0300 555 666. If you are concerned about parking on a public road you will need to contact your local council.
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How often is my block cleaned?
Communal areas up to and including the third floor in our high rise blocks are cleaned five days a week, from Monday to Friday. Communal areas above the third floor are cleaned weekly. If you live in a low rise block they are cleaned twice a week. Our wellbeing schemes are cleaned five days a week from Monday to Friday.
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My bin isn’t big enough for all of my rubbish, what do I do?
You can save space by flattening plastic and cardboard items. If your bin is still too small, your local council may be able to give you a bigger one. Apply for a bigger bin from Walsall Council here.
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My bin hasn’t been collected. Who do I report it to?
Bin collections are the responsibility of your local authority. If your bin was missed you will need to contact them. If you have a communal bin which has not been collected because it is overflowing you can contact us.
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Who is responsible for maintaining trees?
We are responsible for looking after trees in public open spaces on our land. Local councils are responsible for trees on their land. You are responsible for trees in your garden.
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What is fly-tipping?
Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of rubbish, or unwanted objects. This includes leaving black bags on landings, by the bin sheds, on the footpath or on grassed areas. You might imagine a mattress or a fridge freezer, but fly-tipping isn’t just large amounts of waste. Even smaller items like bags of household waste are classed as fly-tipping.
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What is the punishment for fly-tipping?
Fly-tipping is a criminal offence and carries a fine of up to £20,000. If the case goes to Crown Court, the fine can become unlimited and the offender may be imprisoned. It is a breach of your tenancy and could result in Notice Seeking Possession being served on you which could prevent you from being rehoused. We will also recharge perpetrators for the removal of unwanted waste. If you are found to be using your vehicle to dump illegally, your vehicle could be seized as we work closely with Walsall Council.
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How can I report fly-tipping?
You can report fly-tipping to us so we can take the appropriate action. The best way you can do this is online.
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Who is responsible for clearing up fly-tipping?
If the rubbish has been dumped on your local council’s land, it is their responsibility to clean it up and you should contact them. However, if the rubbish has been dumped on whg land, you should report it to us online at and we will investigate to identify perpetrators and take appropriate action
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What can I do with large waste items, like my old fridge?
Our Neighbourhood Services Team do not offer a bulky waste collection service. You can safely dispose of your rubbish for free at your local council’s waste and recycling centre. There are two household waste and recycling areas in Walsall:
  • Fryers Road Household Waste Recycling Centre, Bloxwich
  • Merchants Way Household Waste Recycling Centre, Aldridge
If you struggle to get to a waste and recycling centre, your local council may offer a bulky items collection service for a small charge.
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I want to get rid of some old furniture. How can I do this?
  • Some charities, like the British Heart Foundation, will collect your items free of charge if they are in good condition to be sold in their shops.
  • Local councils offer “bulky waste” collections.
  • Make some extra cash by selling it online on sites like Ebay and ask the buyer to collect it in person. Or you could try Gumtree or Facebook market place.
  • Give your furniture a makeover by painting or varnishing it.