Customers urged to have their say

  • 17th May 2021

  • Customer news

We are committed to improving our services and always welcome feedback from customers on how we can do better.

We are supporting the Housing Ombudsman as it explores ways to look at themes that they see from complaints they receive. Their current review is on how landlords handle damp and mould.

The Ombudsman is asking all those who live in social housing to share their experiences of damp and mould so that they can better understand the effect that this has on residents. Their findings will be used to help social landlords improve the way they deal with these issues.

The Ombudsman Service will then publish a review of their findings and share this so that landlords can learn and improve moving forward. Within whg we will also be looking at the themes we have seen from complaints we have received in this area and share these with the Ombudsman. We will also talk with colleagues about their ideas about how we could improve too.

If you do suffer from mould and damp and do not feel we have resolved this issue it’s important that you tell us so we can make changes and put things right. You can make a complaint in the most convenient way for you – in person, in writing, by telephone or email. More information on our complaints procedure is here.

You can find out more about the Housing Ombudsman’s investigation and share your thoughts here  which includes a link to submit evidence. The closing date is Friday 4 June 2021.


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