Willenhall customers welcome new communal space

  • 26th February 2021

  • Customer news

Customers at a wellbeing scheme in Willenhall are looking forward to getting to know their neighbours after receiving delivery of a new summer house.

The garden retreat was installed at Tyler Gardens, a whg scheme for those with a learning disability, to create a communal area for customers to socialise.

It will also be used to organise craft sessions and games nights, subject to government guidelines.

The summer house was constructed as part of whg’s social value commitments to help the community, with contractor’s Pinnacle volunteering their time to prepare the ground and lay the shed base.

Customer Louise said: “I’m really looking forward to being able to meet my neighbours and get together with them when restrictions are lifted.”

Mary Cole, Wellbeing Officer, said: “It’s been really hard for our customers over the last 12 months and many have struggled with isolation.

“With restrictions starting to lift, this summer house will be invaluable in bringing the community back together and encouraging customers to socialise in a communal area. It will also provide carers with a space where they can organise group activities.”

Adam Davies, Contracts Manager at Pinnacle, said: “It’s amazing to see the impact on customers that things like this can make.

“I am so happy that Pinnacle could help to play a part in this truly amazing project that will no doubt enrich customers’ quality of life and most importantly support their mental welfare in such challenging times.”


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