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How do I swap my home?

  1. Find someone to exchange with
  2. Complete an application form
  3. Once we have approved the exchange, all checks have been completed and the sign-up has taken place, you can move into your new home


More information

Swapping your home with another tenant is called a Mutual Exchange. The person you are swapping with doesn’t have to be another tenant of whg, and they don’t have to live locally, but they must be a tenant of a local authority (council) or of a registered provider of social housing. You can swap your home with tenants anywhere in the UK.

If you want to carry out a Mutual Exchange, you will need to find a property to exchange with first.

We are part of an online service called HomeSwapper, which is used by thousands of tenants across the country to find exchanges. Visit to register and find the right exchange for you. HomeSwapper is a free service to whg tenants and is easy-to-use.

You don’t have to be registered to HomeSwapper to exchange your home. If you have found an exchange through friends, family or even Facebook, you can still carry out a Mutual Exchange as long as both you and the other tenant are eligible.

Once you have found someone you want to exchange with, both you and the tenant you are exchanging with will need to complete an application form and send it to whg. If the other tenant has a different landlord, you will both need to send application forms to the other landlord too.

When we have received your application forms, we will carry out some checks to make sure you are both able to move, and we may ask you to put right any damage or repairs before you move. We offer a financial assessment service to help you check if you can afford the new property.

We will let you know within six weeks whether you can exchange.

If your exchange has been approved, we will carry out gas and electric checks at your home before the exchange takes place, followed by a ‘sign-up’ – this is where you will sign the paperwork (a Deed of Assignment) to assign your tenancy to the other tenant.

We will also ask you to pay rent in advance for your new home, so you will need to plan for this as part of your move.

When you exchange your home as a Mutual Exchange, you take on the other person’s tenancy. This means that you might end up with a different tenancy type and different rights and obligations under your new tenancy. Make sure you understand what this will mean for you before you exchange.

What are the rules?

Our Mutual Exchange Policy has more information about the reasons why we may refuse an application. These include:

  • Wrong tenancy type (we can’t authorise exchanges if you are on an introductory tenancy, such as a starter tenancy or one-year fixed term tenancy, or if you have a Market Rent tenancy – check your tenancy agreement if you are not sure)
  • Either you or the other tenant has rent arrears – although we will consider an exchange where there are arrears if the exchange would help you afford your home
  • The exchange isn’t suitable: either property is too big, too small or not suitable for other reasons, such as adaptations


If we refuse your application, we will tell you the grounds for the refusal, but we may not be able to give you more information if this will breach another person’s privacy.

If you are joint tenants, both joint tenants need to agree to the exchange and to sign the Deed of Assignment.

Your Mutual Exchange is an agreement between you and another tenant to assign your tenancies to each other. You will need to view their property before the exchange: when the exchange goes through, you are accepting the property as it is and you won’t be able to raise a dispute with whg if the property isn’t what you thought it was.

You will need to agree with the other person if you would like to keep certain things in the property, such as carpets or unusual fixtures: if you do want to agree this, it’s best to keep everything in writing so that both tenants can be clear about what was agreed. whg will not be able to sort out a dispute about an agreement to keep or remove items.

You can’t pay money to someone in order to exchange with them, and you can’t receive money either. This is illegal. If someone tries to swap with you illegally, please contact us straight away.

Application form

Download an application form HERE

Send your completed form to or by post to Tenancy Services, 100 Hatherton Street, Walsall WS1 1AB. We will send you an email within five days to confirm we’ve received your application, and we will send you our decision about whether you can exchange within 42 days.

Remember that we will need application forms for you and for the person you want to exchange with. Don’t send an application form until you have agreed an exchange with another tenant.

For more information, call us on 0300 555 6666 or email

Tips for finding an exchange

  • HomeSwapper is the easiest way to find an exchange, and you can use the HomeSwapper app to find homes too
  • Use pictures to show off your home
  • If you can’t find a match, try widening your search area or what you are looking for in a home
  • Be clear about what you want in your new home – your ‘must haves’ – so you know what you’re looking for and choose the right home for you
  • There are loads of Mutual Exchange groups on Facebook and other social media, so look out for other ways to find exchanges too
Need more information?

Get in touch with us.

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