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Let us know using the form below - it's better to be safe than sorry. In an emergency, always call 999.
Fire safety in whg homes

Your safety is whg’s number one priority.

This page is designed to give you all the information and reassurance you need to stay fire safe in your home.

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Be safe and smart with fire doors.

  • When you go to bed shut your doors
  • In the event of a fire make sure all fire doors are closed
  • If you think anything is wrong with a fire door, report it to us on 0300 555 6666.

We carry out regular fire inspections at each of our housing blocks. As part of this we publish a Fire Risk Assessment, explaining the areas of fire safety whg have looked at, and any action that needs to be taken to keep you safe:

Fire Risk Assessments

Household electrical products occasionally get recalled because they are not safe to use. How can you ensure the appliances in your home are safe?

If you’re concerned and would like to check, a full list of recalled electrical products can be found here:

Check your electricals

When you buy a new appliance or product, you can register for free to let the manufacturer know you’ve purchased it using the link below. The website is operated by AMDEA.

Then, in the unlikely event a safety issue arises with the product, they can quickly and easily contact you to rectify the issue.

You can even register products you’ve already bought in most cases.

Register My Appliance

whg have a legal requirement to carry out annual gas safety inspections and regular electrical condition inspections in all of our properties.
When these checks are due, we will write to you to let you know. For your safety, it is important that you allow us access to your home to complete them.

Find out more

Protect your home from damage such as fire, theft and flooding with whg’s special Home Contents Insurance Scheme from Aviva.

Find out more

Our Round Your Way magazine often features tips and advice for fire safety in the home.

It’s delivered straight to your door a few times a year, and you can catch up on past issues online by clicking here.

Find out more

Report a fire safety concern

In an emergency, always call 999.

If the worst happens, it's really important that you and your family know what to do if a fire breaks out:

  • be familiar with your escape routes
  • know what safety actions to take during a fire
  • report any fire hazards to whg immediately
  • do your part to prevent fires.

If you live in one of our high-rise blocks, you can find more info and guidance on the touch screen (normally located on the ground floor).

Don’t panic. It can make you act foolishly and lead you into danger. If you know what to do ahead of time, it could save your life.

If you live in one of our high-rise blocks, you can find more info and guidance on the touch screen (normally located on the ground floor).

  • what your smoke alarm sounds like
  • what to do if there is a fire in your home
  • what to do if there is a fire in your building
  • how to call the fire service
  • your escape route or routes – do not use the lift.

If you live in one of our high-rise blocks, you can find more info and guidance on the touch screen (normally located on the ground floor).

Don’t ignore your smoke alarm. Act fast and stay safe.

You should:

  • close the door of the room where the fire is and other doors to prevent the spread of fire and smoke
  • get out, closing your front door behind you, and stay out
  • call 999 to report the fire.

If there’s a fire elsewhere in the building, it’s safer to stay in your flat as it’s designed to resist fire getting in. If you feel the need to evacuate the building you must not use the lifts; the safest escape route is the stairs.

If the fire is in another flat:

  • call 999 to report the fire
  • close the doors and move to the living room. It’s usually the safest place to be and will
  • provide you with approximately one extra hour’s protection.

If you are trapped and can’t call 999:

  • close all doors and go to the balcony or a window. Attract attention by shouting, waving a cloth, or in any way you can
  • don’t jump – wait to be rescued.
Report a fire safety concern

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