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Cash Smart and Credit Savvy workshops.

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Universal Credit UCSavvy workshops.

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The whg Money Advice Service offers free, confidential, expert advice and support with managing your money.

What is the whg Money Advice Service?

The team are happy to help with your money worries and can:

  • offer advice on money management and budgeting
  • improve your financial health
  • explain Universal Credit and the impact it may have on you
  • help you tackle debt issues
  • make sure you are getting all of the benefits you are entitled to
  • help you open a bank account, set up Direct Debits, and access other whg support services.

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Free money and budgeting training
Cash Smart and Credit Savvy Workshops:

Money is essential to everything we do, but it can be complicated! These free Cash Smart and Credit Savvy Workshops can help you with:

  • Savvy spending – make those pounds stretch further
  • Saving - how can I make cutbacks?
  • Basic budgeting - how can I budget my money sensibly?
  • Credit and loans - what is best for me?
  • Debt - who can I turn to for help?

Starting in 2019. Book your free place on your desired session below.

  • Willenhall sessions - April

    Willenhall sessions are held at: Queen's Lea Community Room | Short Heath | Willenhall WV12 4JA

    The Cash Smart and Credit Savvy sessions are designed to help you learn how to save money on shopping and bills, get your head around credit, loans and debt and find out how to make a budget and stick to it.

    There are three parts to Cash Smart and Credit Savvy. You can pick and choose the sessions you want to attend:

    1. Savvy Spending & Saving (01.04.2019)
    2. Credit, Loans & Debt (03.04.2019)
    3. Build a Budget (08.04.2019)

    Click the session you wish to attend to book your free place.


Universal Credit: don't panic! 
UCSavvy workshops:

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The introduction of Universal Credit will mean a big change to the way many people and families manage their money and spending.

Just Finance Foundation's UCSavvy workshop is designed to help you understand and prepare for Universal Credit and the changes it will bring to managing your money.

These free, friendly sessions are taking place at community venues across the Borough of Walsall and last for around two hours.

"I was a bit worried about Universal Credit, but now I feel more confident and I know what I need to do."

whg Customer Lisa, who attended one of the sessions

To book a place on UCSavvy, click on the location in the list below.

We're here to help, so don't struggle with your financial worries alone.

The whg Money Advice Service is free, and we can meet you at home or in one of our offices - whichever you prefer.

Simply contact us to arrange an appointment.

The service is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.