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Changes to your rent

From April 2023, the amount you pay to us is going up. Here’s everything you need to know, including some important action you may need to take.

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Rents are increasing from April

From April 2023, the amount you pay us is going up. This is to cover the cost of our services and investment in our homes.

We will be contacting all customers directly with information about the changes you will see to your own rent and some important action you may need to take.

What does the rent increase mean for me?

Our FAQs cover everything you need to know about the changes.

Info Icon Universal Credit claimants must act on or as soon as possible after 3 April. See our FAQs for what you need to do.

Support with the rising cost of living

We understand that the cost of living is affecting everyone in different ways, including those who may never have struggled financially before.

We want you to know you can talk to us.

Here when you need us

We’re here to help and have dedicated teams to help you with managing your money, getting in to work and more.


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Why are you increasing my rent?
As a not-for-profit organisation, all rent we receive is used to provide our services and repair and improve homes. Rising costs mean it would not be possible to continue providing the same level of service to our customers without a rent increase.
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When does the new rent start?
The rent increase takes effect from 1 April. Customers who pay their rent weekly on a Monday will make their first payment of the new amount on 3 April 2023. The increase will be applied from 1 April 2023 for customers who pay their rent monthly.
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How have you calculated my rent increase?

Increases in affordable and social housing rents are set by the government and are linked to inflation. On average our rents remain well below that of similar privately rented homes.

Shared ownership rents are set in accordance with the terms of the lease agreement between us and the shared owner.

We understand this rent increase may not be easy for you. We do not take any decision to increase rents without considering the wider impact for our customers.

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What if I can’t afford the rent increase?
We’re on your side and want to help you remain in your home. If you are struggling to pay your rent please make sure you talk to us sooner rather than later. Remember the sooner you tell us, the faster we can help you. Call us on 0300 555 6666 or click here to visit our cost of living support page. We understand that the cost of living is affecting everyone in different ways. We won’t judge you and will do our best to help.
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I pay a service charge. Will it increase?

This year we have seen the cost of providing services that may be included in your service charge, such as heating and lighting, increase dramatically.

If your service charge is fixed, you will not yet have seen these increases reflected in what you pay as we have absorbed the additional costs. Your service charge will go up from April to accommodate this.

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I claim Universal Credit. Do I need to do anything?

You will have received an annual rent charge review letter from us.

You need to keep this letter safe and use it to report your rent change to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on or immediately after 3 April 2023. It’s a good idea to set a reminder or make a note to do this. If you don’t you could miss out on money you are entitled to.

You can report the change through your Universal Credit online account from 3 April.

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I claim Housing Benefit. Do I need to do anything?
We have already contacted your local authority’s Housing Benefit team about the rent change. You do not need to contact them.
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Do I have to change my Direct Debit?
We will automatically adjust your Direct Debit, so you don’t need to do anything. We will send a separate letter to your rent review letter confirming what your new Direct Debit will be.
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Do I have to change my standing order?

If you pay your rent by standing order you need to contact your bank to change your payment to the new amount.

If you switch to a Direct Debit you will not have to do this in future. Direct Debit is safe and secure and you can choose when payments will be taken. Call 0300 555 6666 for more information about setting up a Direct Debit.

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How do you spend my rent?

As a not-for-profit organisation, all rent we receive is used to provide our services and repair and improve homes.

We provide a full breakdown of how your rent is spent in our annual report to customers. Click here to read the report for 2021/22.

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What are you doing about delays to repairs?
We recognise our repairs service needs improving and we are doing all we can to reduce delays. We have a backlog of repairs caused by national material and labour shortages. COVID-19 restrictions also added to the backlog. Click here for repairs updates and waiting times.
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How do I give feedback or make a complaint?

If things haven’t gone as you expected or you’re unhappy with something we did, please let us know. We’ll work with you to understand what happened and do our best to put it right.

You can do this by filling in our feedback form. Click here for more information about feedback and complaints.

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