whg develops new and innovative choose & move service in-house

  • 15th June 2021

  • Corporate news

whg has developed a new and innovative housing application service in-house, as it invests in low-code technology.

Customers told whg that its current choose & move service was not as user friendly as it could be and that applying for a home could be challenging at times. whg took the comments on board and created a new service.

The platform is the first to be designed by whg’s own team of IT experts using low code. Low code software provides a development environment to build applications and websites which does not rely on coding.  This means apps can be built much quicker, in a way that is more efficient and cost effective.

The new choose & move service will improve the customer experience and has some great new features. These include:

  • A quicker and simpler sign up process (reducing sign up time for applicants by 30 minutes) which can take as little as 15 minutes to complete
  • Access to the service through mobile and other smart devices
  • News and alert functions, to keep users updated on progress of their application
  • Upcoming appointments tracker
  • A document upload feature

Director of Housing Operations Gary Brookes said: “Our new service has reduced the time it takes to register and works great on a mobile or smart device. These changes will improve the customer experience, ensuring customers can apply for whg homes with ease.”



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