whg Delivers More than 1000 Food Parcels

  • 24th April 2020

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Volunteers from whg have given up their time to deliver more than 1000 food parcels to support those hardest hit by the impact of the coronavirus.

The team of four colleagues from whg’s Asset Management Team made their 1000th food delivery this week, as they worked to ensure that older and vulnerable people have all they need during the crisis.

Partnering with ‘Making Connections Walsall’, kind hearted whg colleagues Darren Cook, Lee Wiggins, Lee Bradley and Leigh Dickens have rallied together under the name ‘The Three DEGLEES’ to deliver the vital packages of support.

As well as food parcels, the team have been picking up prescriptions from pharmacies and delivering them to customers, ensuring they have the medication they need.

Darren Cook, Gas Engineer, said: “We’re delighted to have now achieved over 1,000 deliveries to people in the local community. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute and the work is so rewarding. It’s the best job I have had.”

Making Connections Walsall consists of a number of community hubs and offers practical help with shopping, picking up prescriptions, food parcels, advice on financial help and reassurance. They can be contacted on 0121 380 6690 or by emailing COVID-19communityhelp@walsall.gov.uk

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