We are one of the Midlands' leading and most successful providers of affordable homes.

Leading Midlands landlord whg has successfully raised a further £25m on the bond market to help it accelerate its ambitious development programme.

The funding will enable whg to build more affordable and high quality homes as it works towards its vision of owning or managing 30,000 homes by 2024.

whg had originally secured a £250m bond with a 4.25% coupon in 2014, and retained £75m, £50m of which was sold in 2017. This week, the £25m issue was priced at 145 basis points over gilts, giving a yield of 2.758 per cent. The issue was twice oversubscribed by investors.

Chief Executive Gary Fulford said: “The retained bond attracted strong support from bond holders, showing continuing market confidence in whg and our plans for future growth.

“The money raised puts us in a strong financial position for the years to come and will enable us to reach our target of building around 3,000 new homes over the next five years.”

The housing association received additional funding earlier in the year when it was named a Strategic Partner by Homes England. As part of the partnership it was allocated a £38.7 million grant to build 1000 affordable homes by 2024.

whg recently published strong financial results, with an operating surplus of £36.7m and an operating margin of 34%, from income of over £108m.

The housing association also retains a strong A3 stable rating from Moody’s credit rating agency this year and continues to be rated G1 and V1 by the HCA.