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Walsall was in the spotlight this July when Housing Association residents from across the country visited the town.

The social housing tenants, who all sit on the national See the Person Committee, met at whg’s office to discuss ways to tackle the stigmas of living in social housing.

Among those who attended was Sylvia Rouse, a whg customer, who was recently selected to join the committee as tenant representative.

Chair of the Campaign Leadership Committee Martyn Lund said: “See the Person is helping to change the stigma of social housing tenants. People living in social housing are worth so much and it’s about time they stood up and had their voices heard.”

Vice Chair Chris Moseley added: “Today is the start of something fantastic as we plan to go around the country and speak to tenants and gather their thoughts so we can stamp out stigma for good.”

whg’s Corporate Director of Operations Fay Shanahan said: “These meetings are normally held in London so it was a real privilege to host the event here in Walsall.

“whg is committed to helping our customers lead happy and fulfilling lives. Many of our customers are doing great things – whether that be volunteering in their communities, progressing in their careers or working hard to gain the skills they need to find work. However, all too often social housing tenants are unfairly portrayed as exploiting the benefit system and living in run down estates. This campaign aims to challenge these stereotypes and share positive stories of people living in our homes.”

The Benefit to Society See the Person campaign, unites housing organisations across the country, and aims to challenge the way the public think and tackle the stigma associated with social housing tenants.