We are one of the Midlands' leading and most successful providers of affordable homes.

Leading Midlands landlord whg is working in partnership with Just Finance Black Country to extend a successful Universal Credit course that aims to help more people understand the benefits system.

whg is launching the Just Finance Foundation's UCSavvy course in other languages to help more of its customers understand and prepare for Universal Credit.

The first session, which will be in Polish, takes place on 26th November at 1pm at whg’s Hatherton Street office.

The free, friendly sessions last for around two hours and give specific guidance on Universal Credit.

Just Finance Black Country will also be offering free training on savvy shopping, credit and debt saving and managing money.  These free courses will be available from January 2019.

The Just Finance Foundation, through partnerships that include one with Just Finance Black Country, has helped over 3,500 people across the UK to secure a better financial future since it launched in 2014. The organisation works locally and nationally through churches and other community groups, to increase the supply of fair and affordable finance and to empower people by building their financial capability.

For more information and to book your session click here.