We are one of the Midlands' leading and most successful providers of affordable homes.

whg is celebrating the positive impact of social housing on thousands of customers and those working in the sector as part of a national campaign.

#Housing Day, which takes place on 10th October, aims to raise the profile of the social housing sector, tackle stigma and shatter stereotypes.

 As part of the day, Midlands landlord whg is encouraging customers to get involved and take to social media to share their positive stories of living in social housing.

Theresa Huburn, whg’s Corporate Director of People and Learning said: “With around one in four households in Walsall living in a whg property, our customers have a huge role to play in shaping their communities and are doing amazing things to improve their neighbourhoods and challenge the stereotype of social housing.

“We have supported hundreds, if not thousands of our customers to gain the skills they need to move into education or employment. Our community champions are recruited from our customer base, while many others give up their time voluntarily to help shape and monitor our services.

“All these people, who have worked so hard to get where they are, deserve to have their voices heard, and this event plays an important role in doing just that.”

Vicky Lenoir is one of whg’s customers benefitting from the services offered by the social landlord.

The 30-year-old, who is well on her way to building a career in the construction industry after attending a taster course run by whg, said: “I was encouraged to attend the 6 week DIY course offered by whg after popping into a local coffee morning.

“I’ve now signed up for a Property Maintenance course at college to help me get a job in the industry and hope to gain work on a building site doing brickwork or carpentry.”

whg is also working with customers to change public perceptions about social housing tenants and tackle the stigma of living in social housing as part of the See the Person Campaign.

The Twitter hash tag for this year is #HousingDay18.