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At an age when many young people are still living at home or struggling to build a deposit for a house, a young Walsall couple have taken their first steps onto the property ladder, thanks to whg and the Government’s Help to Buy Shared Ownership scheme.

Calum Wilkes, age 22, purchased a share in one of the leading Midland landlord’s new builds at Silver Waters in Brownhills with his partner.

Finding the whg advertisement and learning about Shared Ownership made owning their own home possible for the Wilkes family and they are now enjoying their new life together.

Shared Ownership allows purchasers to buy a share in a home. In Calum and his partner’s case, this was a 50% share of their home for £72,500 whilst paying a low-cost rent on the remaining un-purchased share. This means mortgages and deposits will be based on the purchased share value, making his £145,000 home so much more affordable and possible.

Calum said: “My partner and I have been living separately for three years and decided to look at getting a house together. After reading about Shared Ownership we decided this was the best way to get onto the property ladder.

“There's no way on earth that either of us could have walked into a bank and asked for a mortgage for over £150,000. Shared Ownership gives you the flexibility to own a nice home without the fear of heavy bills each month. The share you can buy is easily calculated and the process is really straight forward. You no longer have to save up for years and years for a deposit.

“Our new home is beautiful and better than anything we could ever dream of. My partner, the cats and I are very happy in our forever home.

“If you have got some savings behind you, don't hold back waiting to buy a house - go through the Shared Ownership scheme and you too could soon have your forever home.”

Silver Waters is a £3.3m development within the Silver Court regeneration scheme, providing 32 homes, including 14 Rent to Buy and 18 Shared Ownership properties.

It has been part-funded by Homes England and delivered by partnership homes developer Lovell.

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