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A new volunteering initiative in Walsall is helping people boost their skills to impress future employers.

Leading Midlands landlord whg is offering placements to jobseekers to help them gain work experience in an area of work they are hoping to get into.

So far seven volunteers have been placed with whg’s neighbourhood services team, four working out on the estates and three in the offices. The volunteers have been lending a helping hand since March, and two of them have secured paid work as a result.

Sonia Leslie is just one of the volunteers. Sonia, who was struggling to find a job as she didn’t have any recent work experience, said: “I have a lot of experience but there’s gaps in my employment history so I wasn’t getting anywhere when applying for jobs.

“I’m working in the office doing all sorts of work and it’s really boosted my confidence and improved my CV. Now I’m really looking forward to finding a job in administration."

Employment and Skills Officer Laura Storey said: “We’re delighted with how successful the volunteering programme has been. Not only are the volunteers learning new work skills, but they are also receiving additional help with CV writing, filling in application forms and references, and their confidence has really grown.”

Alongside the work experience the volunteers pick up a range of qualifications, including those in manual handling, health and safety and data protection.

For more information on the support and training offered by whg’s Employment and Training Team ring 0300 555 6666.