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Leading Midland’s landlord whg has unveiled its new colourful makeover at a block of flats in Pleck.

The £40,000 refurbishment at Mulhouse Court, uses splashes of colour to help residents navigate around the building.

The innovative design of bright blues and greens aims to help older people, who may suffer from dementia or sight loss, identify key features and rooms.

Project Manager Dorthe Jones said: “Mulhouse Court is one of our blocks designed exclusively for older people. The corridors all looked very similar and blended into one another, so as part of a wider refurbishment project we decided to repaint the communal areas and use colour contrast to help residents distinguish between different areas. Our contracts manager Dave Yates has worked really hard to determine the best materials for the job and work with residents to cause minimal disruption.

“We hope that people will now find it clearer and easier to navigate.”

As part of the work, which was carried out by contractors CLC, the left hand corridors were painted green, with the right corridors blue. A special acoustic flooring was also laid to keep noise to a minimum.