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Leading Midlands landlord whg and West Midlands Police have successfully worked together to obtain a closure order for a property affected by drug related anti-social behaviour.

whg’s Community Safety Team received reports of suspicious activity at a whg property in Bentley Lane, Walsall.

The case was investigated by the Community Safety Team and a warrant was executed by West Midlands Police in June 2017. Drug related activity was found at the property during this warrant.

An interim closure order was obtained in October 2017, before a three-month closure order was confirmed by Walsall Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, 31st October.

Gary Brookes, whg’s Director of Housing, said: “We welcome this closure order as the activity in this property was seriously affecting the quality of life of whg customers living in homes nearby.

“Obtaining this closure order not only shows the value of partnership work between ourselves and West Midlands Police, but it also sends out a clear message that anti-social behaviour will never be tolerated in any of our homes.

“Although this is a rare event for us, we take any report of anti-social behaviour very seriously. A closure order is our last resort and as a responsible landlord, we will always meet with whg customers accused of anti-social behaviour first, in the hope of resolving complaints. However, if this behaviour persists, we will take further action.”

Inspector Mike Mason, from Walsall Police, said: “This closure order is the culmination of effective partnership working between local neighbourhood police officers and whg over a prolonged period of time.

“This will help to significantly reduce anti-social behaviour in the area and improve the life of local residents.”