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Swapping your home

If you are currently living in a whg home, you can apply for a transfer using our choose & move service.

However, depending on your circumstances, you may not be entitled to a transfer or you might have to wait a long time as there is a limit to how many suitable properties become available each week and in some areas, properties become empty less often than in others.

A quicker option could be to swap your home with another tenant using HomeSwapper.

What are the rules about home swapping (exchanging)?

If you hold an assured tenancy with whg, you may be able to move by swapping your home with another tenant.

You have the right to exchange with the assured or secure tenant of a council or housing association anywhere in the UK. We can only defer or refuse your exchange if you or the person you want to exchange with:
• has rent arrears
• is in breach of the tenancy agreement
• would be moving to a home that would be unsuitable (eg the home is too large, too small or has medical adaptations that you or they do not need)
• has outstanding repairs caused by damage or neglect.

We have 42 days from the date we receive your completed application form to make a decision.

How do I apply?

Apply to swap your home with HomeSwapper. If you find someone who wants to exchange with you, you must get our permission before you move. When you apply to swap your home we will contact you to arrange an inspection of your property, gas and electrical safety checks and to discuss the process with you.

Help with moving costs

If you need to move because your home is too big and you have to pay the bedroom tax, there may be financial support available to help you with moving costs. We can offer a choice of options up to a maximum of £500:

  • new carpets in your new home – up to £350
  • a skip to clear out rubbish before you move – up to £190
  • disconnection of your cooker in your old home and reconnection in your new home - up to £80 for gas and £10 for electric
  • removals (includes washing machine disconnections and reconnections) – up to £300

Get in touch with our Occupancy Team for more information and help with the Let's Swap process.