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Government guidance has recently changed however, we will be keeping our current Covid secure working practices in place. We believe this the safest decision for our customers and communities. In addition, this enables us to continue providing our services and vital repairs work.

Here’s more information about what you can expect from us and how we intend to work safely in your home.

Last Updated: 19/07/2021
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The team are happy to help you with:
  • switching energy suppliers
  • claiming energy discounts
  • fuel debt applications
  • advice on damp, condensation and mould
  • heating and boiler controls
  • general energy saving advice.
Do you need personal support or advice on managing energy in your home?

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Have you thought about using a smart meter?

Energy bills can be hard to get our heads round. Estimates mean that we are often in the dark and left confused when it comes to our energy usage and spending.

Between now and 2020, every home in England will be offered a smart meter from their energy supplier at no extra cost and it’s a smart choice to consider.

Smart meters are the new generation of gas and electricity meters. They show you the amount of energy you use as you use it and how much you are spending in pounds and pence:

  • Accurate bills in pounds and pence instead of estimates
  • No more meter readings
  • Easier to keep control of your energy usage
  • If you pre-pay, it’s convenient to top up and there’s no need to insert keys or cards into meters.

This winter, whg will be here to help our customers understand the benefits of smart meters. If you are approached by your energy supplier to install a smart meter and want some advice, please contact our Energy Team.

Read Frequently Asked Questions about smart meters.

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Energy advice

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I am so happy with how easy it was to switch as I never had the confidence to do it. A great service being offered to residents!”

Benefit Calculator

Our calculator can help you to plan your monthly income and spending.

Read Frequently Asked Questions about smart meters.

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