If you are currently living in a whg home, you can apply for a transfer using our Choose & Move service.

Your entitlement to a transfer depends on your circumstances. You may not be entitled to a transfer or you might have to wait a long time as it may take some time before a suitable property becomes available. In some areas, properties become empty less often than in others.

A quicker option could be to swap your home with another tenant using HomeSwapper.

If you need to move because your home is too big or too small, or you can’t afford to pay the bedroom tax, whg can offer you help and advice on finding a new home with us. Click here to contact us.

What are the rules about home swapping (exchanging)?

If you hold an assured tenancy with whg, you may be able to move by swapping your home with another tenant.

You have the right to exchange with the assured or secure tenant of a council or housing association anywhere in the UK. We can only defer or refuse your exchange if you or the person you want to exchange with:
• has rent arrears
• is in breach of the tenancy agreement
• would be moving to a home that would be unsuitable (eg the home is too large, too small or has medical adaptations that you or they do not need)
• has outstanding repairs caused by damage or neglect.

We have 42 days from the date we receive your completed application form to make a decision.

How do I apply?

If you find someone who wants to exchange with you, you must get our permission before you move. When you apply to swap your home we will contact you to arrange an inspection of your property, gas and electrical safety checks and to discuss the process with you. If you have found someone who wishes to exchange with you, all parties must complete an application form. 

Application form

Complete this form only if you have found someone who has agreed to exchange their home with you.

Tenant's Details
Joint Tenant
Property Details
Please include - Name, Sex, Date of Birth and relationship to you
(If not whg)
Details of person you wish to exchange with
Their Landlord
(If not whg)
Exchange Details
Medical Needs
If you choose to exchange to a property that is not suitable or adapted to meet your medical needs, whg cannot undertake to carry out any adaptations that may be required.
Ethnic origin of your household
whg Board


All parties listed are tenants of their present accommodation and wish to seek approval from whg to mutually exchange properties.

Each applicant must occupy the property they propose to exchange to as their principle home, failure to do so will be seen by whg as a breach of tenancy conditions and may result in action for repossession of the accommodation.

Each party has inspected the dwelling they propose to move to and is satisfied with the current condition of the property.

I/we understand that I/we accept the proposed property as it stands and that whg will not complete any repair/alteration to the property as a result of this exchange. Day to day repairs can be reported and will be completed in line with whg policy.

I/we confirm that I/we have not completed any unauthorised alterations to my/our current home and understand that I/we may be required to rectify/repair/remove any items/fixtures/fittings as identified as tenant damage or responsibility.

I/we agree that we shall not complete this exchange without the express written permission of whg (and any other landlord involved). I/we will not complete the exchange until all paperwork has been completed and tenancies assigned and a date has been agreed with whg.

I/we understand that by exchanging properties I/we accept the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement of the existing tenant(s). However, I/we also understand that by exchanging I/we may lose certain rights of my/our existing tenancy and will not necessarily qualify to the rights of the existing tenants. This includes the Right To Buy.

I/we confirm that the information provided is a true and accurate record of my/our circumstances and I/we understand that providing false information or deliberately withholding information can lead to my/our application being refused.

I/we confirm that I/we have read and understand the declaration & guidance notes provided and that any approval for this exchange will be subject to these conditions.

I/we authorise whg to supply tenancy details to all relevant parties where other Landlords/Housing providers are involved including information relating to my/our rent account and maintenance of tenancy. I/we authorise whg to contact my current Landlord/Housing provider to obtain tenancy details including information relating to my/our rent account and maintenance of tenancy.

Please type full name

Get in touch with our Occupancy Team on 0300 555 6666 for more information.

Your information is private and safe

I understand that the information I have provided will also be stored on computer for management and monitoring purposes as well as applying for a mutual exchange. I am aware this information is confidential and will not be disclosed to any other party without my consent, except to certain agencies in accordance with anyone whose name appears on this form. Anyone who’s name does appear on the form has a right under the Data Protection Act 1998 to check and if found incorrect, to have their own details amended.