We are one of the Midlands' leading and most successful providers of affordable homes.

Due to the way our homes are allocated, it is difficult to say exactly how long you will have to wait to be offered a property.

This is because the waiting times are often different for each location and for different kinds of property.

Waiting times are difficult to predict. They can be affected by the type of home you are applying for, or the area you wish to live in.

If, for example, you are looking for a house with four or more bedrooms, you may have to wait a longer time because whg only owns around 280 such properties.

And in some areas, properties become available less often than in others.

You can get an idea of waiting times if you check the results published every week on the recent lets page of Choose & Move. The results will give you some idea of how long you might have to wait for a specific property type in a particular area.

Fast track homes

Sometimes we have a property that is ready or almost ready to let but we have not managed to find a new tenant.

Because we need to find someone quickly, we sometimes make these properties available to applicants who might not otherwise be eligible. We call these fast track homes.

if you need a home urgently and you have an open mind about where you want to live, you should regularly check to see if we have any fast track homes available.

if you are interested in a fast track home that you have seen advertised, you should first check that you meet any age or family related criteria.