We are one of the Midlands' leading and most successful providers of affordable homes.

Applying for a home to rent with whg is known as 'bidding'. There are no costs involved in bidding.

You can bid online through Choose & Move.

There are two steps you must complete before you can start applying for whg homes:

There are two steps you must complete before you can start applying for whg homes.

  • 1. Register on Choose & Move

    This should take less than 30 minutes. During the registration you will need to provide National Insurance numbers for you and anyone else over the age of 16 who will be moving with you.

    As part of the registration you will be asked to choose a memorable date and password. You will also be given a unique reference number. You will need to use all three each time you log in, so it is important that you keep them safe.

  • 2. Complete a Social Housing Application

    Once you have registered with Choose & Move, you will also need to complete a Social Housing Application before you can begin bidding for homes.

    The Social Housing Application form can be found once you have logged in to Choose & Move. This form helps whg to determine your banding - the homes that you are eligible to apply for.

  • 3. Start bidding!

    Once your registration and Social Housing Application have been confirmed by whg, you will be able to log in and start bidding for homes.

    Each home has its own letting criteria to make sure customers are matched with a property that is suitable for their needs. After you log in, you will only be shown those homes you are eligible to apply for. Some exceptions may include homes with age restrictions. These will be clearly marked and your bids will not be accepted if you do not meet the criteria.

    You are limited to three bids per week.

    Bidding opens at 9am each Thursday and closes at midnight each Tuesday.

If this is your first time with whg, you should click here to read frequently asked questions before you go ahead.

Once you feel ready, you can go to Choose & Move to begin looking for homes:

Go to Choose & Move

Fast track homes

Sometimes we have a property that is ready or almost ready to let but we have not managed to find a new tenant.

Because we need to find someone quickly, we sometimes make these properties available to applicants who might not otherwise be eligible. We call these fast track homes.

if you need a home urgently and you have an open mind about where you want to live, you should regularly check to see if we have any fast track homes available.

if you are interested in a fast track home that you have seen advertised, you should first check that you meet any age or family related criteria.