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whg is a provider of affordable, good quality homes to rent across the Midlands, designed to suit a variety of lifestyles.

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Choose & Move aims to match you with a home that suits your needs, while giving you more control over where you'd like to live.

Find a home to rent from whg using our Choose & Move service. 

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Frequently asked questions: Choose & Move

  • Who can register?

To register with Choose & Move, you should be over 18 and meet UK residence requirements.

If you are aged 16-18 you can still register with us if you have been nominated by Walsall Council, have a priority need, or are a support worker. You must have someone who has agreed to offer a rent guarantee.

We will ask you to provide proof of identity and proof of your current address.

  • Is there a cost to join?

There is no cost to join Choose & Move, and there are no costs involved in 'bidding'. However, you should give some thought to the costs involved in running a home.

Is this your first home?

If this is your first tenancy you will be asked to attend one of our pre-tenancy workshop sessions. This will help to prepare you for your new home and give helpful advice about renting with whg. This is compulsory - you will not be offered a home until you have completed the workshop.

You will also be asked to attend an interview where we’ll talk about money management and finances to see if you might need any additional support from us. This is also compulsory.

Please read our Allocations Policy and Restricted Access to Housing Policy for more information about how we manage and let our homes.