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If you have a dream or ambition that you think you can’t afford to follow, then think again. The People’s Fund is here to help!

If you live in Walsall and are in receipt of a means tested benefit, you can apply for up to £300 to help you achieve your personal goals, achievements, dreams or aspirations.

To help you think about what you could use your grant for, we have suggested some themes:

  • education
  • training
  • employment
  • volunteering

This list is for guidance. If there is something else you would like to spend the grant on please let us know in the application.

The grant is there to help you get started in pursuing your dream. You can use it to pay for equipment, course and training fees, books, study aids, childcare, exam costs, membership fees etc.

Who can apply?

To qualify for a grant you need to be over 16, be receiving a means tested benefit and not have savings of over £500. You will also need to have a bank account. If you haven’t got one don’t worry, one of our team will point you in the right direction to get one set up.

A maximum grant of £300 per household can be allocated each year eg two applications for £150 or one of £300. Only one application per person will be accepted every three years.

How do I apply?

The People’s Fund grants are easy to apply for. If you are applying for a grant for more than one member of your family please complete a separate form for each applicant.

If you have any questions please call 0300 555 6666 or email employment.training@whgrp.co.uk

What The People’s Fund will not pay for:

  • Refund items already purchased
  • Laptops/ computers.  The People's Fund will not normally pay for the purchase, or repair of computer equipment as free access to such equipment is available throughout the Walsall Borough through libraries, schools, community venues.  Anyone applying for computers / laptops will have to prove that they cannot reasonably get access to the equipment elsewhere.
  • Activities that create a profit for individuals e.g. business costs
  • Activity which should be provided by mainstream agencies.
  • Costs for activities that other organisation or persons must carry out by law
  • Political or religious activities
  • Interest charges
  • Financial service charges, including bad debts
  • Gifts or entertaining i.e. business lunches, meals, alcohol
  • Costs to pay someone to set up a website on your behalf
  • The purchase, hire or lease of a vehicle
  • Support for the running of a vehicle e.g. driving licence/lessons, tax, insurance, repairs, diesel, petrol. MOT
  • General living costs e.g. food, utility bills, school fees, school uniforms
  • Costs of independent education e.g. private school fees
  • Travel abroad, holidays, gifts, toys, funerals, weddings, court orders fines etc