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The Customer Scrutiny Panel was formed in 2015 to give customers the chance to help improve the services whg provide.

The Scrutiny Panel are responsible for examining and scrutinising whg’s services from a customer perspective and making recommendations to whg on how we can make things better.

Why do we have a Customer Scrutiny Panel?

  • ensuring the Customer Voice is represented in our services
  • providing the opportunity for our customers to participate in shaping our services
  • monitoring review recommendations
  • compliance with our regulatory standards.

Ken Beck, Chair of whg’s Scrutiny Panel said: “We really enjoy being a part of the Scrutiny Panel. It is challenging, but also very rewarding. We are always looking for new and enthusiastic customers to join us!”

Meet the Panel

  • Ken Beck, Scrutiny Panel Chair

    I enjoy being an involved customer at whg because I have been given the opportunity to interact with other whg customers.

    I feel that customer involvement is important to give customers an opportunity to be heard, each review we have done has been very different and interactive.

    Our latest review was about Universal Credit and the impacts it has and will have on whg customers, it was good to see that whg are well prepared for the changes Universal Credit may bring.

    It has been very rewarding being an involved customer and I have been able to put the skills I gained in my previous career in to good use.

  • Shafeen Khan, Scrutiny Panel Member

    I really enjoy being an involved customer at whg and I have learnt a lot from the reviews I have been involved in.  As a Panel we have been able to ensure that whg offers the best service to its customers. The recommendations we have made have enabled whg to make positive changes and be the best it can be. It’s great to see that whg welcomes this kind of scrutiny..

  • John Bailey, Scrutiny Panel Member

    I feel customer involvement is important to ensure whg is being transparent and accountable to all customers and other relevant parties. Having involved customers means that there are opportunities to help other whg tenants in making the most of their properties and the services provided by whg.

    The last Scrutiny review was our third, and provided means to investigate the ‘hot’ topic of Universal Credit, with an in-depth look at whg’s policies and procedures in this area. It was a satisfying and productive piece of work.

Scrutiny Panel Reports

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