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Did you know?

  • It is estimated that 4% of registered providers homes (or 100,000 nationally) are affected by some sort of tenancy fraud.
  • Subletting is a criminal offence, punishable by a 2 year prison sentence and/or a £5000 fine
  • It costs £20,000 per year on average to keep a family in temporary accommodation
  • In 2014/15, 3000 cases were investigated for tenancy fraud to the value of £53million
  • The estimated number of investigations for Right to Buy Fraud in 2015/16 was over 2,253 with an estimated value of £46,400,000 – this fraud is increasing faster than any other tenancy fraud due to the rise in applications

What is Tenancy fraud?

Tenancy fraud can occur when:

  • a false claim for succession on the death of a tenant is made
  • there is an unlawful assignment i.e. mutual exchange takes place with no consent from the landlord
  • someone sublets a home unlawfully
  • a false statement is made on a housing application with the aim to get a home
  • Someone has another home and has left their tenancy to rent to someone else.
  • False statements are made to buy or acquire a home

What is the impact of tenancy fraud?

The main type of tenancy fraud is where someone sublets part or their entire home illegally so they can make a profit unlawfully by charging higher rents.

The impact of this is:

  • Its stops people getting a home they are entitled to
  • Increased anti social behaviour
  • Neighbourhoods being less safe
  • Damage to our homes

How can you help? 

It can sometimes be difficult to spot.

Tell us if you think there is subletting or tenancy fraud going on.

What to look out for:

  • Your neighbours change regularly
  • There are people coming and going constantly
  • The garden is always a mess and the new neighbours don’t tidy it up
  • There are broken windows that never get repaired

What will we do?

whg will investigate all reports including anonymous reports of unlawful subletting or tenancy fraud. 

We will treat all reports in the strictest confidence and we will keep you informed of our progress from any investigations we do.

For anonymous reports, we won’t be able to update you on progress but please tell us as much information as possible about what you are:


  • Damaged property
  • Lots of visitors day and night constantly
  • Regular change in neighbours that happens in less than 6-12 months
  • Lots of parcels being delivered constantly


  • Keys for sale or a home for rent you know is owned by whg
  • An up and coming home for rent
  • A whg customer trying to rent out their home

Remember: Together we can Prevent Fraud and Prevent Homelessness