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Watching out for our customers.

A state of the art CCTV system operates 365 days of the year, 24/7, making our customers feel safer. The high definition cameras play a vital role in tackling anti-social behaviour and crime.

The CCTV Team work closely with the whg Community Safety Team, Police, and other partners to reduce crime and address anti-social behaviour. The team will report any issues of concern, including potential incidents and people acting suspiciously.

  • Highly skilled whg CCTV operators work closely with the Police and partners, sharing information to target anti-social behaviour and criminal activity quickly and decisively
  • Speakers at various locations that issue verbal warnings to anyone seen breaking the law. They are particularly effective and successful in discouraging anti-social behaviour
  • Cameras record live and use the most up-to-date digital equipment allowing the very best playback facilities and increasing the likelihood of positive action being taken
  • High definition cameras enable incidents to be captured clearly and provide best evidence to assist with investigations.