We are one of the Midlands' leading and most successful providers of affordable homes.

Our Health and Wellbeing services are available to whg customers and the wider community.

We provide a range of services which can help you to maintain or regain your independence, or help in times of crisis when you might need some extra support or advice.

The support we offer can be short or long term and is tailored to your individual needs and goals, whether that’s helping you to continue to live in your own home, staying healthy, getting active or being connected with others.

Our Health Team can help you to manage long term health conditions, lose weight and get active through their programmes designed to help improve your health and wellbeing.

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  • Wellbeing support

    We all face times when we could do with a little extra help, whether we are facing health problems, money worries or just struggling to cope with daily life.

    If you are feeling isolated or like things are getting on top of you, our Wellbeing Service can provide varying levels of support to help you through.

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  • Independent Living

    whg's Independent Living service provides enhanced housing management that offers a wide range of support to our vulnerable customers, giving help to set up and maintain tenancies. We can liaise and advocate on their behalf to ensure a successful tenancy.

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  • Aids and Adaptations

    Long term conditions and disability can severely impact our ability to manage day-to-day activities.  Home adaptations can help prevent falls and help us to live independently for as long as possible.

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  • Community health

    The Community Health Team aims to help improve and maintain Health and Wellbeing by providing information advice and support around healthy lifestyle choices. We offer a range of programmes and activities that can be delivered in local community venues.

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  • Schools programme

    Our Children and Family Fitness and Fun School Programme offers a variety of extra-curricular and in-school physical activity sessions.

    Through Key Stages 1 and 2 we can provide a range of high quality, flexible and value for money opportunities to meet the needs of your school, the key aims of the National Curriculum Physical Education Programme and many Ofsted recommendations for the use of the sports premium fund. 

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