Do you know an outstanding individual or group whose hard work often goes unrewarded? Then now is the chance to give them the recognition they deserve!

Our annual Recognising Our Customers and Communities (ROCCs) Awards will be held next year and we are calling on customers to nominate unsung heroes worthy of an award.

We have drawn up the following categories to send your nominations in for:


  • Good neighbour: a customer who has made a positive impact in their neighbourhood.
  • Outstanding community group:  a group that has a positive impact on people within their community.
  • Outstanding customer: someone who has given great help to others in the community.
  • Outstanding learner:  a customer who has returned to education.
  • Community garden champion:  a customer who has improved the landscaping within their community.
  • Volunteer of the year: a committed Volunteering Works volunteer.
  • New involved customer: a new customer  that is  improving services for other whg customers.
  • VIEW Award champion:  a group or individual who has used VIEW People’s Fund or VIEW Community Chest Fund to make a difference.


  To nominate please complete the below form

 If you have any questions please contact us at