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We strive to ensure we achieve best value whilst procuring goods and services and work in a professional, compliant and risk aware manner.

We are committed to practising procurement in a fair, open and transparent manner. We maximise the use of e-procurement, which ensures a secure method of transferring documents. The e-procurement system also ensures a secure audit trail for all parties. 

whg uses the following contract thresholds when deciding which procurement route to take:

  1. Up to £15,000 - one quotation required.
  2. £15,000 to £50,000 - invitation to quote from a minimum of three suppliers with at least two written returns.
  3. £50,000 to EU Threshold - invitation to tender to minimum of four suppliers with at least three returns.
  4. EU Threshold and over - EU procurement rules apply.

We are keen to work with suppliers who have the same values as our organisation. To find out more, please refer to our buyer profile and other information provided.

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