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Repairs service update

We are completing more than 200 repairs every day, but we know some customers are having to wait longer than we would like for an appointment. For full details about why and what we’re doing about it, click below.


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  • Reg no. 04015633
  • Registered charity no. 1108779
  • VAT no. 806626724
  • Reg no. 07872595
  • VAT no. 132060172
  • Reg no. 05407219
  • VAT no.  897213687
  • Reg no. 09138070
  • Reg no. 09721558
  • Reg no. OC417013
  • Reg no. 10591652

Walsall Housing Group Limited is formed for the benefit of the community.  Our objectives are to provide and manage housing and associated services for those in need.  We do not trade for profit; any surpluses are used to further the work of the company.’

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About us

We provide affordable, good quality homes and community-based services to the region.

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whg has affordable, good quality homes to rent across the Midlands.

Homes for over 55s

whg cater for all walks of life, with a range of Wellbeing Homes for customers over the age of 55.