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We are completing more than 200 repairs every day, but we know some customers are having to wait longer than we would like for an appointment. For full details about why and what we’re doing about it, click below.


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Purpose of the Committee:

  • To review systems and procedures for internal control across the Group
  • To ensure that these provide a reasonable assurance to the whg Board of effective and efficient operations and reliable financial information and
  • To oversee internal and external audits and whg’s management of risk


  • Karthik Srinivas
  • Julie Jones
  • Gary Moreton (Chair)
  • Mark Pinnell
  • Winston Weir
  • Ros Freeman

Purpose of the Committee:

  • To provide assurance to the whg Board on the customer experience
  • To drive improvements in the customer experience.


  • Craig Royall
  • Daren Fradgley
  • Lucy Hales
  • Nichola Finlayson
  • Natalia Hill (Chair)

Purpose of the Committee:

  • To consider and make recommendations to the whg Board on governance matters
  • To consider and make recommendations to the whg Board on the remuneration and terms and conditions of Executive Directors
  • To consider and agree pay review proposals for all other colleagues


  • Danielle Oum
  • Lizzie Downes (Chair)
  • Guy Weston
  • Jennifer Ord
  • Shaista Ali

The purpose of the Development Committee is to:

  • Oversee the delivery of the development programme in accordance with the Development Strategy, the Budget and the Business Plan;
  • Have regard to the balance between social purpose and commercial interests, as defined by whg Board when considering development issues;
  • Provide assurance to whg Board on performance relating to delivery of the Development Strategy within agreed budgets;
  • Monitor future pipeline to ensure there are adequate plans to deliver the number of homes forecast in submissions to Homes England;
  • Consider environmental issues relating to development activity

Members for the Development Committee:

  • Akshay Parikh (Chair)
  • Clive Eccleston
  • Guy Weston
  • Paul O’Driscoll
  • Stuart Nicholls
  • Timothy Hill

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