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Let's Swap through choose & move

Let’s Swap is a mutual exchange or home swapping service for tenants of landlords in the West Midlands, developed by the WMBUS (West Midlands Best Use of Stock) partnership. Customers who register to swap their home with Let’s Swap through choose & move can search for a new home across Walsall and the West Midlands. The system links to national home swapping schemes such as HomeSwapper through Home Swap Direct.

What are the rules about home swapping (exchanging)?

If you hold an assured tenancy with whg, you may be able to move by swapping your home with another tenant.

You have the right to exchange with the assured or secure tenant of a council or housing association anywhere in the UK. We can only defer or refuse your exchange if you or the person you want to exchange with:
• has rent arrears
• is in breach of the tenancy agreement
• would be moving to a home that would be unsuitable (eg the home is too large, too small or has medical adaptations that you or they do not need)
• has outstanding repairs caused by damage or neglect.

We have 42 days from the date we receive your completed application form to make a decision.

How do I apply?

Apply to swap your home with Let’s Swap through choose & move. If you are already registered with choose & move simply log into your account, click on 'my mutual exchange' and complete the form to register your property. If you are new to choose & move you will need to register your household details first -
call us and we will help you register over the phone.

You can search for a home to swap with using Let’s Swap through choose & move. If you find someone who wants to exchange with you, you must get our permission before you move. When you apply to swap your home we will contact you to arrange an inspection of your property, gas and electrical safety checks and to discuss the process with you.

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